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GARAIO provincial park

Town Garaio (Barrundia) ARABA | 16 kilometres from Zadorra Etxea.

Provincial Park in the Ullibarri-Ganboa reservoir. | Bathing area with lifeguards. | Information centre, bike rental, fountains and toilets. | Shaded meadows on the shore of the reservoir. | Ideal for a family day out, walks and swimming. | Most of the reservoir can be fished. | Footpaths with footbridges over water. | Aquatic bird watching.

How to get from Salvatierra-Agurain

Take the A-3022 road towards the village of Gebara, which runs parallel to the river Zadorra. When you get to Gebara, turn left and after 1 km you will come to a crossroads. Take the A-3012 road to the right and after 500 m you will see the sign for the Garaio crossroads on the left. When you get to the park there is a car park and barriers, continue with the car and you will come to a crossroads. If you go to the right you will find the information house and several services. If you go to the left, continue along the road that leads to the exit, but before you get there you will see a building with toilets and drinking water, where you can park and get to know the beaches of Alava.

Points of interest

The beaches of Garaio are fully equipped with all services: fountains, sinks and toilets.
In summer there are 2 bathing areas, showers and 2 lifeguard posts.
The park is accessible with wheelchairs or pushchairs.
In the old village of Garaio there is the information office and the stork breeding in the ruins of its church.
Bicycles can be borrowed very cheaply and there are pedestrian paths to cycle around the park and/or the reservoir.
Water birds accompany us on our visit to the park: coots and grebes.
Several pairs of storks, herons, egrets and egrets can be seen on the island of Orenin.