Fossils and ornithology


Most of the fossils have been found in the area, and some others were part of the original wall of the house.

There are many heart shaped sea urchins (micraster...)

Huge mussels and oysters can be found in the rocks in which our village is settled.



All through the house's walls plenty of nests for birds and bats can be found. There are three types of boxes or nests:

1.- Brick-nests for redstart smut or white wagtail, common tit, swift, and bats. The nests have doors in order to ring the chicks.

2.- Concrete-nests built-in in walls for swifts, nest back parts are adapted for bats.

Round concrete nests are suspended on walls, and their entrance hole's are of 30 mm for common coal tits.

3.- Natural holes In all the house's walls, except for the house's front wall, several natural holes between stones have been kept so that birds like the restart smut, who has been using them since 2006.

In the house's roof several couples of starlings, sparrows and swifts reproduce.

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